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Aboriginal Elders’ Dedicated Nonprofit Organization in British Columbia

Welcome to the B.C. Elders Communication Center Society

The B.C. Elders Communication Center Society is a nonprofit organization in British Columbia committed to building and maintaining a strong connection between our Aboriginal Elders. 
The BCECCS strives to be a positive way for the Aboriginal Elders of B.C. to gain strength from their greater community.We recognize the importance of unity among Elders, their families, and friends who reside throughout all the traditional territories that make up British Columbia.
“All my relations” is a phrase our people, especially Elders, use to refer to all of their peers. We support and honour this relationship by creating a communication network that values and uplifts B.C. First Nation Elders.

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Our Initiatives Since 1999

Elders Voice Newsletter

We publish a monthly provincial newsletter called the Elders Voice. This newsletter is a valuable source of information for the many thousands of Aboriginal Elders in our province.


Starting October 1, 2023, we will distribute the GATHERING NEWS, which will provide all the necessary information, questions, and answers related to the Elders Gathering.

Our Objective

The primary objective of B.C. Elders Communication Center Society is to ensure that B.C.’s First Nations Elders know that they are valued, their legacies will be preserved, and their feelings and culture matter.

Our Purpose

The B.C. Elders Communication Center Society serves as a central communication hub for Aboriginal Elders, their families, and support workers in British Columbia. No such provincial network exists for Elders on or off reserve in Canada.

We fulfill this purpose by:

Organizing the Elders Network

We work with Elders’ representatives, including Elders Presidents, Secretaries, First Nation’s Band Office staff members, Health Workers, Social Development Workers, Councilors, and, sometimes, Chiefs. They act as liaisons to their elders.

Providing Support

The B.C. Elders Communication Center Society offers a toll-free number, email, fax, and physical address where people can contact an individual dedicated to helping with Elders-related matters.

Monthly Newsletter

Our Elders Voice newsletter is distributed to Elders’ contact people in each community, both on and off reserve ensuring a continuous flow of information to the many thousands of Aboriginal Elders in our province.

B.C. Elders Website - "Preserving the Past" (Aug. 31, 2002)

We take pride in hosting the first-ever B.C. Elders Website – “Preserving the Past,” an open platform for people worldwide to learn about our respected Indigenous Elders, their involvement, the significance of their lives, and their aspirations for the future.

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Let Us Honour Our Elders

Join us in preserving the wisdom, culture, and heritage of B.C.’s First Nations Elders. Together, we celebrate the strength and resilience of our Elders and ensure their voices are heard. Contact us for more information, assistance, or with any questions.